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Pampa Prints Right at Home

It’s been a 4 to 5 years now since we’ve added our photography as part of the Pampa Collections. What an incredible journey, for us both, seriously it has! Talking for myself, I’ve been been with a camera in my hand for over 10 over years and not in my wildest dreams I would have thought I’d be selling my photography to many places around the world.

I believe that when you create art from your heart, trying to tell your story through your lens, reaching out to memory, emotion and a sense of place, magic can happen. Understanding that travelling is much more than getting to know places, but experiencing the beauty of the landscape and it’s people. At least it happened with Carl and myself. When starting Pampa we wanted to offer things that we respected and loved, that was and is art, art in many forms, it can be a handmade textile or a photographic print.

Pampa Horses was my first series, shot in La Pampa, a province I spent many of my childhood years. All of these horses I’ve known for a lifetime, as they’re born and bred on my grandparent’s farm. It’s an extended series which is always in progress, every time I go back home I shoot and find new angles and ways to capture their character. These beautiful animals represent my vision of home, genuine beauty, freedom, solitude and nature. Then when I moved to Australia, worked on a new series inspired by the horses, Pampa Highlanders, in collaboration with The Farm.

During our travels we’ve shot all of our other great series, shedding a light on what Pampa stands for, nature, culture, heritage and folklore.

In celebration of the World Photography Day, we’re offering 20% off our fine art prints for 48 hours (starting on Monday 19th 6am using code PHOTOGRAPHY at checkout). And I also thought showing you some favourite Pampa prints at homes of clients was a nice way to say: Thank you!



August 2012.

Byron Bay, Australia






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