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Introducing: HAUS Rugs

A Fusion of Modernism & Art

Explore the fusion of modernism and artistic expression in Pampa’s latest rug collection, crafted in collaboration with Melbourne-based artist Bobby Clark. Inspired by the iconic Bauhaus movement, known for its emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and geometric forms, the HAUS collection embodies a contemporary interpretation of these timeless principles.

Bobby Clark celebrated for her unique blend of symmetry, balance, and personal narrative, infuses her distinct artistic vision into this collaboration. Her work reflects a deep connection to her experiences, capturing the essence of her interactions with the world through symbolic exploration. Guided by a carefully curated creative process, Clark begins with a foundation of balance, precision, and measured design. This structured approach serves as a canvas for thematic exploration, allowing concepts to evolve organically. Drawing inspiration from her environment, Clark infuses vulnerability and openness into her pieces, resulting in intricately crafted works that provoke profound questions, expressed through the clarity of minimalism.

Selecting Cape Schanck House as the setting for the HAUS collection was a natural choice. This architectural gem by Paul Morgan Architects interacts with its natural surroundings through thoughtful manipulation of form, material, and colour— echoing our weaver’s approach to weaving rugs. With the HAUS collection, Pampa and Bobby Clark invite you into a world where art and design converge, where the synergy between the artist’s paintings and the ancient craft of Pampa’s weavers becomes a captivating exploration of cultural exchange and creative dialogue.

The weavers’ rendition of Clark’s work not only preserves the essence of her vision but also adds layers of depth and resonance rooted in their own cultural backgrounds. Bobby suggested adding a personal touch, each rug featuring hand-sewn initials of the weaver, hand-stitched in red colour as the finishing touch. This unique detail highlights the handmade nature of each piece and celebrates the creative unity of two artists coming together. Through their skilled hands, themes of symmetry and balance are interwoven into each rug, serving as a testament to the power of cross-cultural dialogue and creative exchange. The resulting HAUS collection transcends mere rugs; it stands as a testament to the universal language of art and the transformative potential of collaboration.

Styling & Videos: Bobby Clark

Photography: Victoria Aguirre




All images shot by Victoria Aguirre at Cape Shanck House in Victoria, Australia

*All images & words are copyright of Pampa, for any kind of use please contact us at for permission.

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