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Mi Casa | Jessie James

Walking into Jessie James’ home feels as though you have soared skyward and are floating through the clouds. Everything immediately feels light, bright and ultimately, serene. Her home has been decorated minimally and with intention, it’s a liberating style that lets your mind wander freely. Every object has its place, and the result is a space that fosters creativity and ease of living.

We visited Jessie at home, to learn more about her work projects, and talk more about cultivating peacefulness at home.




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How would you describe the style of your home?

Pared back and minimal, but hopefully not austere – furnished with character and sentimental things without any pretence.

How does your home make you feel?

At ease, and comfortable, as if amongst old friends.

What are some of your favourite treasures at home?

A collection of ‘best opals’ that belonged to my dad – his favourites from many that he fossicked, cut and polished himself.

A heavy stone mortar and pestle from my grandmother’s kitchen in Malaysia.

And my daughter Isla’s artworks, particularly some of her first drawings and paintings.

What do you enjoy about the area in which you live?

Being surrounded by the bush and the beach, but also within easy distance of town (Sydney).

What can you tell us about Practise Journal?

Practise Journal is a project between myself and photographer Trish Chong, started as a way to explore and share connections and experiences. In its current form it is an editorial catalogue of conversations, visual narrative and conceptual references.

To draw attention to the small rituals and gestures that give meaning and value. Ilse Crawford, “A Frame for Life” (2014) pg. 53.

What are some of the small rituals and gestures that give meaning to your life?

Coffee made at home first thing in the morning.

Writing lists, notes, thoughts – sometimes on paper, sometimes just in my phone.

Walking in the bushland near home – taking time to look at flowers, leaves, rocks.

Where does your love for paper comes from? Tell more about Supply Paper Co., your other project.

It comes from my upbringing I think – I have been drawing, writing and making things with paper, always. Supply Paper Co. was a natural progression of my graphic design work, a personal and tangible gesture, to stand in contrast to fast transactions and mass production. Through Supply Paper Co. I offer an archive of stationery and paper goods, obtainable through printed catalogue (modern mail order) and work on private commission and collaboration for invitations, foil pressed place/cards and other correspondence.

What for you, is the relevance or importance in the art of writing letters?

For me it is the time taken and the sentiment of writing that makes it meaningful. To receive a handwritten card or letter rather than an email or text that takes no time at all – as they say, it’s the thought that counts.

What is most important to you right now?

Striking a nice balance for all my creative projects, and finding our next home.

What do you hope that the year ahead holds for you?

I’m hoping to travel to Coober Pedy and Alice Springs in the coming year, to see the opal fields, walk on the red earth and see the desert wildflowers.

Photography: Victoria Aguirre 







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