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Mi Casa | Taylr Anne Castro

For this Mi Casa, we step into the home of Taylr Anne Castro. Nestled in the heart of California, Taylr’s home reflects her dedication to mindful design and a deep connection with nature. We discuss how she seamlessly juggles creative work and motherhood. Join us as we explore her sunlit sanctuary, where every corner tells a story of intentional living, family warmth, and the pursuit of balance amidst life’s bustling rhythms.


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How do you bring the essence of California into your home? And how has your upbringing in Orange County influenced your approach to home and design?

California has been my home my entire life. There is something so beautiful about living here. Being able to garden every season and spend time in the sun daily is one of the many reasons I love living here. I am really inspired by the laidback nature California exudes and I feel like that is both relevant in my interior style, as well as my personal style. I try to bring natural materials and colors into our home because it brings a peaceful state to our space.

Tell us about the renovation process of your home. What inspired the changes you made?

The bones of our home are so solid, and we wanted to update the interior to feel more like us. The floors are 70 years old and are the original hard wood, but we smoothed all of the textured walls and updated the kitchen and bathrooms. We’re still working on our interior and have taken our time to make this space complete. My favorite renovation we’ve been working on is our outdoor space. My husband has done everything himself, and we’ve created a wellness sanctuary in our garden, which includes our sauna, wood burning hot tub, garden beds and outdoor shower— it has been the most relaxing place to retreat to.

How does the concept of sustainability play a role in your daily life and the conscious choices you make for your home?

Making conscious choices for all aspects of our home is very meaningful to me. I try to find objects that are made sustainability, with longevity or have had a life before our home. A lot of our decor are vintage or are made with sustainable practices. Thinking sustainably and consciously feels second nature to me, from the food we eat, to products we use and what we bring into our home.

How does the presence of your Pampa Josefa rug influence your home?

Our Pampa Josefa rug is a statement piece in our living room. It is so incredibly beautiful— I love the muted green stripes and natural essence it brings into our space. It feels like we’re bringing a piece of nature inside with this rug. It is incredibly soft and perfect for our toddler to run around on while I’m enjoying my morning matcha.

The garden is such a big part of your daily rituals, please expand on all the beautiful elements we see you have.

Our garden is everything to me! It is the place I go to quiet my mind and the first place the sun hits in the morning. My favorite ritual is watering the garden first thing in the morning and admiring the sun shine through as the water hits whatever is growing. On a perfect morning, I am able to get in a sauna session and shower in our cedar outdoor shower. I feel completely refreshed and renewed after a morning like this— it feels very meditative.

What does living with intention mean to you, and how does it reflect in your daily routines?

Living with intention is a way for me to acknowledge every decision I make and how those decisions shape my days. I try to live simply, as simple pleasures truly make me happiest. And I always make choices with my family and the environment in mind. I honestly spend most money on organic food and plants, and I feel like that explains a lot about my favorite things.

How do you find a balance between your content creation work and family life?

Balance between motherhood and work is something I am always trying to perfect, but I have realized it is always an ebb and flow. I do feel lucky that I am able to be with my family and raise our son, even if that means I work while he naps and finish emails late in the evenings when most people are asleep. These younger years are the most demanding and I know this season is so quick. Family life is also a part of my work and I love sharing little moments.

In what ways do you believe conscious and mindful home design can positively impact the environment and the well-being of your family?

Having a mindful home is not only better for the environment but it is the best thing we can do for our family’s health! I am a huge advocate that what you consume and how you live daily have the biggest impact on your overall health. You start to rethink your environment a lot more when you have children; you just want the best for them (as well as yourself).

As a brand that values sustainability, what aspects of Pampa’s mission and products resonate most with you in your role as a homemaker and mother?

There are so many things I love about Pampa. Not only are the products absolutely beautiful, but they are responsibly and ethically handmade by skilled artisans. When you receive a Pampa’s product, you can instantly tell how well it’s made. Pampa supports these incredible artisans, and in return has created a brand that is meaningful and honors the earth. As a homemaker and mother, Pampa’s ethos feel very aligning to my own. One of Pampa’s core values is ‘Slow Living: the practice of attention’ and this is something I try to live by every day.

Finally, what does home mean to you?

Home is a place where you feel your most authentic self— a representation of ‘you’ in a very organic setting. Our home is my sanctuary, and a place to nourish myself and my family.

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Photos:Victoria Aguirre


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