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Mi Casa | Frida Palovaara

Frida Palovaara graciously invites us into her world amidst the landscapes of Spain’s southern coast. With a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty and a keen eye for design, she shares her journey of creating a home that harmoniously blends her artistic spirit with family life. The space stands as a testament to her commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability, offering a sanctuary where tranquility and creativity intertwine, fostering a sense of peace and calm amidst life’s ebbs and flows.


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Tell us the story of your move to Spain and how you ended up there.

My husband and I, Max moved here about six years ago, before the kiddos were born. We had been living in Australia, on a boat and in different corners of the world but we felt a calling to ground ourselves somewhere for a while. It was due to my husband’s work we made the move and we’ve been here since then. I had previously lived in Barcelona and somehow it felt right to go back to Spain. I love this Southern and coastal part where we are as it reminds me a lot of California with the surrounding mountains and valleys. I’m so happy we came here.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the overall design and aesthetic of your home?

When we bought the house no one had lived here for many years and it was completely run down. I remember feeling that I just wanted to make it a home again, to give her a new life. The mountain-scape and tropical greens have a powerful impact so I wanted the house to feel tranquil on the inside. To let nature in through all our big windows, so no matter where in the house, a mountain top or palm tree is peeking in. A neutral and soft palette makes me feel calm and awakens my creativity so I just knew walls and floor had to be just that. When I design, I do so very intuitively so when something feels right, I go for that.

I had a very challenging recovery after I birthed my daughter and could barely walk for months. As I sat on our sofa breastfeeding her I had a lot of time to reflect on my home environment. I realised I have a deeply rooted need to be surrounded by what I feel is beautiful.

You decided on a Pampa rug for your home, what drew you to choose this particular one?

When I started visualising our living room nook I knew I wanted a Pampa rug there. This striped earthy one was the first piece that I picked out for that space and when I rolled it out everything else made sense. My son jumped on it and said “I LOVE this rug” He’s three and takes notice of all the details in our home. I already owned a few smaller Pampa rugs from before and they are just the softest thing to rest your feet on. And they age so beautifully too.

What does home mean to you?

A place where I can find calm, especially during difficult times in life when I struggle to find it within. I have come to realise that home can be what surrounds you too. Such as trees, earth and wildlife. If you find a way to let nature in, your home can merge with the outside. Home also means growth as the whole family – growing together in one space – it’s ever-changing.

How do you balance the functionality of family life with the need for a space that fuels your artistic creativity?

Right now family life is pretty wild with two toddlers so wherever we sit and play there are always books, paper and crayons almost within an arm’s reach. So, when they sit down to create, I often draw too. Or flick through books. I try to find space to create in their play. I have a studio but funnily enough, I paint more with them on the floor than in there! I guess that’s motherhood right now.

Living on the Spanish coast offers a diverse natural backdrop. How does the surrounding landscape influence your choice of interior design elements?

Time spent outside is when I feel most aligned with myself so naturally I wanted to transfer that into our home. I chose earthy shades that reflect the dryness of the valleys here in summer. There’s something almost desert-like with the sight of how the greenery here transforms with the hot summer sun. I find it fascinating how nature here can feel so thriving with months and months of no rain. We are also surrounded by eucalyptus trees which reminds me so much of Australia, I added some pale green shades (our vintage downstairs sofa) specifically to bring the feel of those trees inside. It’s just very symbolic to me.

The Pampa rug is known for its natural fibres. Why was it important for you to have a rug with natural materials in your home?

I always lean toward natural materials in most items that I bring into our home. It is more kind to our earth but also I find that the wear is almost forever lasting and that is something I value. They can age with you. Also, what your feet touch, your entire being feels.

Every home has its cherished nooks and corners. Could you highlight your favourite area within your home and share what makes it special to you?

Oh, I have many but my studio has to be my favourite. The light itself is so bright and healing and whenever I get a moment on my own I almost run upstairs to not waste any time. I drink tea, read, do my stretches on my rug on the floor and of course paint. I am just so grateful to have a space that is only for me, even though my kids paint there too sometimes.

Pampa’s pieces seem to find a perfect place in your home. What drew you to incorporate Pampa products, and how do they enhance the overall atmosphere and aesthetic of your living space?

I have been following along from afar for many years and have always felt a strong connection to Pampa as a flow of creative energy. I am very drawn to like-minded people who truly express their way of living by showing who they are in what they do. The warmth in your design resonates well with how I want to feel in my home. Peaceful and grounded.

When selecting pieces for your living space, what values or criteria do you prioritise to maintain that sense of simplicity and harmony?

I try to avoid plastic and always look for vintage or handmade items first. And natural materials such as linen, wool or wood. The elements of nature just go so well together.

Looking ahead, what plans do you have for your property? Are there any creative or design projects you’re excited to explore in the future?

If someone would have said that we were to start a new reno so shortly after finishing this casa I wouldn’t have believed them. But here we are renovating a cottage in Sweden from our sofa in Spain! I’m looking at sunny yellow paint swatches and typing at the moment. I have learned a lot from our previous renos so it kind of feels like one project births the next. Our cottage is almost a hundred years old with so many beautiful old features so we’re trying to save as many as we can. I’m mostly looking forward to planting a sunflower field in our garden and making an organic-shaped sand river for the kids. What a dreamy project!

Photos: Anna Gazda

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Photos: Anna Gazda

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