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Mi Casa | Catherine Cyr


We first came to know Catherine as a faithful Pampa customer (she has quite the collection!) and we have loved seeing how she has peppered the pieces throughout her home in central Los Angeles. Her style is both pared back and inviting, with a particular attention to texture and a love of the earthen colour palette.

We spent time with Catherine at home to learn more about her work as the Head of Development for Harpo Productions (founded by Oprah) and to lovingly eye those arched windows, of course.

Images: Elizabeth Carababas





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Tell us about your neighbourhood in LA? Where are some of your favourite places to go?

Where I live is somewhat of a no-name spot in mid-city. Google Maps calls it Picfair Village, but no one has ever heard of it. What it lacks in notoriety, it makes up for in charm, character and one of the best lattes on planet earth. It’s a lavender latte from Paper or Plastik, a local family-owned neighborhood cafe. It’s also home to My Two Cents, a small eatery with outrageously good Southern-style cuisine. And it’s that kind of rare LA neighborhood where you feel pretty much close to everything, which spares me the pain of ever having to talk about traffic.

You recently moved from New York. What are the biggest differences you see between LA and NY and what do you miss the most?

I never thought I’d love a city with hundreds of strip malls stocked with stores you never need, but here we are. I love LA. For all the reasons that you’d expect — it’s an easy way of life, landscapes are breathtaking, food is incredible and there is green juice for everyone! But there is a feeling of intentionality in this city, which is most likely due to the geography, and I love that. As for New York, my family tops the list of what I miss most.

How would you describe the style of your home? We can’t stop staring at those arched windows!

It’s a bit Scandinavian-meets-Australian, with a side of Japanese minimalism. I’ve practised the ‘less is more’ philosophy for years, and the five shirts in my closet are a testament to that. I try to uphold that sensibility in my home, bringing together a mix of utility and beauty — I want things to have a purpose, or I want them to give me feelings. If anything falls in between, then it usually doesn’t make it the cut.

Can you tell us about some of the special pieces or favourite corners of your home?

I have around 10 pampa pillows sprinkled throughout my home, so they give me good feelings almost everywhere I go. I recently bought a few paintings from County Ltd, one of my favorite homewares shops in Silver Lake. And then the ceramic ring from Esqueleto, it’s simple, yet bold, one of my favorite pieces in the living room. As for the best spot in the house, it’s the reading nook in the living room, without question.

We love the Pampa pieces you have chosen for your home, what drew you to Pampa?

It was a combination of the earthy, neutral tones, and incredible textures. But I was most inspired by the ethical business practice of embracing fair trade with all artisans; it’s rare when companies uphold their values, and this seems to be at the heart of everything Pampa does.

Tell us about your work in film and what you enjoy most about it?

I’m Head of Development for Harpo Productions, overseeing our feature documentaries and series. It’s that kind of job that never feels like a job — because you actually want your day to be consumed by it. The best part about it is that I have the privilege of working with some of the most talented and creative minds, working alongside people I respect and admire. And everyone really likes one another. I try not to take that for granted.

What are you watching right now?

While I’ve already finished watching it, I can’t stop talking about Succession. Please watch it immediately if not sooner.

Can you share with us something that you are currently learning more about?

I’ve been taking drawing courses and using the workshop connected to ‘Drawing on The Right Side of the Brain’, by Betty Edwards. And I’ve also been consumed by reading and watching anything connected to space. I’d recommend ‘The Right Stuff’ by Tom Wolfe.


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