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Introducing: FORMA Rugs

We’ve known Jess and Tina from Interior Design Studio, We Are Triibe, for years, and have hoped to collaborate together for a long time. As brands, we have a shared reverence for craftsmanship, natural materials and each aim to create a “sense of place” in our work.

At the beginning of 2020, we began collaborating on a special rug collection, born from a mutual desire to use textiles to introduce more depth into the home.

Our collaboration, FORMA (Spanish for “form”) features rugs in geometric patterns with soft edges, imperfect squares and rectangles woven in an interplay of light and deep earthy tones. The colours (Burgundy, Natural Brown, Camel and Bone) are all achieved using natural pigments, and the wool is carefully hand-dyed by artisan weavers before it is woven into shape.

“What we really wanted to do was work with the weavers’ traditional methods to create contemporary and classic designs which were really different from what they usually do. These Andes weavers work predominantly with an intricate weave with a tight, soft yarn, but in more traditional patterns. We were so fortunate that the weavers we worked with were open to applying this technique in a new way – and not only open to it, but really excited about it too. It made the process feel really seamless and collaborative between us, Pampa and their weavers.” – Jessica D’Abadie, We Are Triibe.

The collection campaign was shot in Mexico City and Puerto Escondido, where a traditional Spanish aesthetic meets contemporary silhouettes in two architecturally designed homes.

As designers, we are both drawn to timeless, earthy colours which can exist in harmony with other palettes and textures in a space. For FORMA, we developed two combinations — a Natural Brown and Burgundy, and the Camel and Bone — each unique in its character and designed to adapt and evolve with a home.

Burgundy-Natural Brown is moody and soulful; it is a lush composition, deep in emotion, with a subtle contrast that melts the pattern.

Camel-Bone is light and warm. It bears a strong variance, the two tones have such a dynamic interaction that there is almost an illusion of movement.

“Working together with We are Triibe is the perfect first collaboration for Pampa. They have a deep appreciation for colour, and like us, they believe in the power of colour to bring joy and life to a space. We’re so proud to share these fresh contemporary designs, representing an inspiring new direction for Pampa”. – Victoria Aguirre, Pampa.

The collection includes three rug designs, which come in two colourways, in a range of in-stock sizes. The FORMA collection is also part of Pampa’s custom rug service, and is available in made-to-order runner and rug sizes, and can be customised in both size and colourway.

Photographer: Diego Padilla

Producer: Yohua Gitlin

Art Direction: We are Triibe

Locations: Puerto Escondido




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