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Stay | Tallowwood House at Koru Sabi Lodge

Nestled within the tranquil expanse of Coodjinburra-Bundjalung Country, Tallowwood House at Koru Sabi Lodge is a testament to mindful architecture and sustainable design. Every element of the lodge is crafted to harmonise with its natural surroundings Beyond offering a respite from the bustling world, Koru Sabi Lodge serves as a gateway to immersive experiences, allowing visitors, to explore the natural wonders of the region, and forge meaningful connections with the vibrant local community.


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How does Tallowwood House  intricately blend Japanese design influences into its fabric?

The original build was Japanese design so we’ve tried our best to honour that while playing with more fun contemporary elements.

What aspects of its creation captivate you the most, especially considering its fusion with slow, handmade craftsmanship?

There is this beautiful Japanese rock garden at the entrance and there’s a bone infused into one of the large stones, it feels like an omen or a good luck charm. At least we hope so.

Describe the ideal 24-hour experience at Tallowwood House.

You arrive in the afternoon and the valley is quiet but full of bird song. The home is warmly lit and you spend some time pouring over the book collection before walking up to the hot tub and sauna for sunset. A dinner party with friends and the fire going and a late night outdoor bath after everyone leaves. Morning matcha on the deck before another sauna and maybe a waterfall or beach adventure.

What was it that inspired the decision to incorporate features like your outdoor sauna into the lodge’s offerings?

We are all big fans of bathing, there are 4 baths and 4 showers on the land haha. But also Stacey and Kent (who also live on the property) own a day spa so I think it was inevitable. I think a holiday or home is incomplete without a bath of some kind.

What’s the story behind Koru Sabi Lodge?

It’s kind of a wild story, but mostly the decision to buy it with friends was impulsive and it all happened very quickly. The home and land was in such a precarious condition when we first visited but we had a big vision. One of the most charming stories about the lodge is that it was built by our Japanese neighbour who still lives across the road in a home that looks like something out of a Miyazaki film. He’s a furniture designer and for this reason every detail in the home feels bespoke and handmade. It has a lot of character and imperfections and we hope to continue that legacy.

A laid-back afternoon at the lodge – what song are you listening to?

Beverly Glenn Copeland’s album Keyboard Fantasies

Beyond Tallowwood House and Koru Sabi Lodge, are there any exciting projects or ventures on the horizon that you’re currently exploring or envisioning?

For the lodge, we are excited to host art residencies and creative events. Beyond the lodge, we all have a myriad of projects, Kent and Stacey are building a bathhouse down the Victorian coast.

We are heading over to Bali in June to perform some dance and poetry at a festival that Erykah Badu is curating. There are lots to look forward to this year but I hope it’s all punctuated by some mellow time at Koru Sabi.

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Photos by Thea Blocksidge

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Photos Thea Blocksidge


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