In Focus 21 Sep, 2020

Pampa x Marah Jones

We are excited to be launching our collaboration with ceramists Marah Jones. The Pampa incense burner is based off of our Pampa cross, a motif we often use in our rug designs. The essence of this burner is also linked to the Chakana; an Incan symbol that invokes balance, the connection between the universe and life, as well as unity through diversity.  Crafted from Australian terracotta clay, it remains unglazed so as to celebrate the natural texture of the clay.

This week we have stepped into the studio of Marah Jones to visually watch the Pampa Incense Burner come to life. From clay to the final piece its a beautiful experience to witness the artist in her element.

Home and ceremonial ritual objects are at the heart of Pampa. We believe that sensory immersion promotes healing and spiritual awareness, while invoking a sense of place in your home. Your CASA is your sanctuary, a space where you can practice and create your own rituals and above all, feel safe.

We asked Marah Jones what was the inspiration behind this collaboration: “This piece was created with the intention for it to become a treasured keepsake in the Pampa Community’s homes used regularly to create moment’s of space and calm. The shape is reflective of many patterns and designs that are featured in Pampa’s beautiful textiles and terracotta was an easy choice as my go to medium with it’s rich, earthy hues.”





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