In Focus 18 Jan, 2024

A Focus on Wool

At Pampa, our heart beats to the rhythm of wool, a fibre that transcends mere fabric. A love affair with nature and the materials it offers.


Woven by hand, our wool rugs are a testament to the artistry of our craft. Each one possesses a level of luxury that only nature’s finest material can bestow, wool isn’t just another fabric in the world of textiles, it’s 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable, once it decomposes in the soil and gracefully returns to the earth, it releases valuable nutrients and carbon, enriching the environment.


This fibre has secrets, hidden in the softness beneath your feet. Wool dances with moisture, keeping the temperature in perfect harmony, and banishes unwelcome odours. It’s the hypoallergenic, UV-resistant, and antimicrobial guardian of your home.





































































In the world of strength and resilience, wool stands unmatched. A single wool fibre can endure bends and movement like no other and still rise with grace to its natural shape. This durability ensures that your woollen rug is not just a piece of art; it’s a lifelong companion.







































































Step into the world of wool, where every fibre is a whisper of warmth, a testament to nature and its gifts. Your journey begins here.







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