In Focus 11 May, 2024

Summer at our Co-Founder’s 1930s Family Homestead

Dear community,

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the first person, but reminiscing on last summer beautifully spent at my homeland has made me a bit homesick, prompting me to share these beautiful images with you all.

Focusing on Pampa’s origins brings me to the core of Argentina, its vibrant culture, and the fundamental values of family and home. Our rugs represent the legacy passed down through generations, crafted within the homes of traditional artisans who deeply value time-honoured hand-weaving techniques—an integral part of Argentinian culture. Residing in their villages with their families and maintaining cultural pride.

Summers at my family’s farm in the heart of La Pampa embody tradition and nostalgia. For this shoot, incorporating the rugs into our 1930s home felt natural, considering it has been a seed of so much inspiration.

The eclectic mix of decor and natural fibres paints a vivid picture of our heritage against the backdrop of landscapes adorned with beloved horses, aged tiled floors, and vibrant walls.

Having horses around while growing up truly shaped my outlook on life and the world. Their presence fostered in me a deep appreciation for nature and a natural inclination to express myself through it. Including my dear horses in this homage to my home felt essential.

It’s a nod to our culture, which extends beyond the confines of our farm, pouring out into the surrounding landscapes of my homeland.

Victoria Aguirre, Co-Founder and CEO of Pampa


1/ Made-to-Order Esther Rug|Natural & Sand 2/ Juana Runner #3652  3/ Puna Llama Throw|Natural 4/ Sunkissed Mane Fine Art Print 5/ Andes Mini Rug #9 6/ Made-to-Order Esther Rug|Copper




All images shot by myself this last Summer in La Pampa, Argentina


*All images & words are copyright of Pampa, for any kind of use please contact us at for permission.

Photos:Victoria Aguirre


  • Thankyou for sharing your beautiful home photos Victoria! A natural thing thing to home sick for a place with soul such as this.
    One day I look forward to seeing Argentina’s natural beauty.


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