In Focus 28 May, 2021

In Focus | Mariah Burton

For this month’s In Focus we explore Mariah Burton’s eye for design and interior details. Mariah is the founder and creator behind Folk Studio, a boutique interior design and styling studio in Sydney and beyond. Her passion connects equality and progressive business ideas with the design process and stands by their motto “creating spaces that reflect you”. A well curated space is everything and we are so excited to share with you a personal dive into Mariah’s world.

What drew you into interiors?

The idea that a space can positively alter the way we feel, act, live and think. A well designed space is powerful enough to enhance our mental and physical wellbeing and I am always inspired by this notion.

Tell us about your approach towards interior design and projects?

My main objective is to ensure my clients are happy and enjoy the design process. So much goes on behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly for projects and much of our energy is always with our clients, checking in on them and enabling them to collaborate with us along the way. Our main approach is to create spaces that are custom to our clients, we have no desire to make the space feel ‘on trend’ or ‘instagram worthy’, of course that’s a bonus but at the end of the day, we just want our client to be proud of their home. We want the spaces we design to feel tranquil and exude a sense of comfort and warmth.

What’s your most loved project to date?

We have been working on a new build for 2 years and, having designed every inch of the interior from start to finish, we are incredibly proud and in many ways we will always be connected to this home. It is yet to be completed but when it is, it will be our biggest project to date.

Tell us about what you support…

We have a responsibility as a business to work ethically and to be true to our moral compass. Folk is an extension of who we are, which means that our brand identity is heavily associated with our personal values and ideals. Being a woman of colour, we often start discussions regarding equality and progressive business ideas to ensure we are incorporating a mix of makers and creatives in our collaborative design process. Just because I am a woman of colour is not why these discussions are being had at Folk, we feel like no matter what your background is, it’s important to stand back and look at how you are living or doing business and make sure it’s as inclusive as possible. We focus a lot of our efforts in creating sustainable spaces which means that many of our spaces aren’t ‘slapped together’, we source products that are handmade, made locally and made with soul. 

See more of Mariah’s work here.

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