In Focus 14 Jun, 2017

Wear Pampa this Winter!

It’s true – autumn/winter is our favourite time of year! We’ve been patiently waiting for the cooler weather to arrive so we can reveal our latest products – Pampa Ponchos and Oversized Scarves. We’ve teamed up with a group of weavers and a unique textile organisation in Argentina’s Puna region to bring you these winter accessories.

We’ve always been big fans of ponchos, which are worn throughout South America. (We even named our Labrador puppy Poncho!) As many of you know, I’m from Argentina where ponchos are part of our heritage. Many families keep old ponchos that once belonged to a grandparent as keepsakes, or admire the traditional ponchos that the ‘Gauchos’, Argentinean cowboys, have worn since before memory can recall.

Since starting Pampa in 2013, I have travelled all through the Andean mountains. The artisans we meet in the Puna region are always wearing ponchos for warmth and I’ve often thought: “Why not bring a modern version of these garments to Australia to match the winter lifestyle here?” My love for the humble poncho has led us to this day, launching our new collection of Pampa Ponchos, woven from llama wool. And for anyone who wants the option of a versatile, more casual winter garment, Pampa’s new Oversized Scarves have the same soft, luxurious texture.

There is another reason we are celebrating this new release – it also marks the beginning of Pampa’s friendship with La Hilanderia and the NGO Warmi. Woman at the Warmi project know better than anyone the difficult conditions communities in Argentina’s Puna face. We are proud to be partnering with this likeminded organisation to help them on the road to preserving and empowering their culture. Selling llama wool at fair trade prices to La Hilanderia promotes the use of natural materials and allows artisans of the Puna to continue weaving these Argentinean icons.

Every Pampa product is made ethically with care, and our new Ponchos and Oversized Scarves are no exception.

Hope you love these stylish accessories as much as we do!

*All images are copyright of Pampa, for any kind of use please contact us at for permission.

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