In Focus 18 Mar, 2019

Memories of San Pedro De Atacama

As some of you may know, Carl and I met in the middle of the desert, back in 2012, while we were both camping in The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile.

I feel now that the core values of Pampa always existed within me, but it definitely began to flourish in this magical place. There is something so special about the desert and the people who live in this landscape. The dryness, the earthy hues and dusty pinks. The silence that emerges from every angle, beckoning you to delve deeper into thought or to just be fully present in your environment. For us, the desert enlivens us and it was here in this special landscape where we found the talented people we work with today. Many of our artisans live in remote locations in the desert regions of South America. Their pace of life is slower but more immediately connected. It’s something that we notice and admire more and more with each visit.

This journal post is not so much about what we do at Pampa, but mostly what we stand for and where we are coming from, which is a place of deepening the connection between ourselves and nature, somehow, someway. I’ve put together this story, a memoir of sorts, of the early days of Pampa, when it was just us in the desert, before our business was born. Just a young couple and a camera, needing to explore, needing to feel closer to nature and spend more time in awe.

The Atacama Desert was the birthplace of our business, and we’ve unearthed some new photographs of this magnificent landscape, available as fine art prints now in The Pampa Desert collection.

Victoria x

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*All images & words are copyright of Pampa, for any kind of use please contact us at for permission.

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