In Focus 28 Mar, 2022

FORMA: Introducing the Designers

FORMA is a collaboration between Pampa and We Are Triibe, Interior Design studio of Jessica D’Abadie and Christina Symes.
Their practice designs and styles interiors for retail, residential and hospitality, creating elegant spaces that feel warm and harmonious, relaxed and timeless, with subtle details that give reverence to craftsmanship. With each project, the studio aims to create a sense of place and build an enduring narrative through expressive interiors.

How did you decide on the two colourways for the FORMA collaboration?

We designed two staple colourways to launch the collection which stemmed from a combined love of timeless, earthy tones. For FORMA, the light, soft colourway and the dark and moody colourway were created as timeless colour combinations intended to evoke a feeling and mood for your home.

We started the design process by thinking about what rugs and colours we personally wanted to see in our own homes too; Tina was drawn to moody darker tones for her space and I was drawn to a lighter & airier palette which I could really visualise in my own living room.

The base colourways were designed to suit a variety of spaces and interior palettes. Deep brown and burgundy are perfect to add depth to bright spaces with natural light or to compliment moodier spaces, whereas the camel and bone colours are a lighter option to brighten up a space or to add a layer of interest.

What was the most exciting component of this collaboration together?

It was a really exciting opportunity for us to be able to work with the Andes weavers to combine traditional methods with modern designs – we could really feel the passion and excitement from all three parties when creating these designs and colours, and the outcome was something really unique that we haven’t seen before and it felt really collaborative between us, Pampa and their weavers.

What inspired you to shoot in two locations in Mexico? 

It came about in a funny way actually.. When we were looking for locations to shoot the rugs in, Australia was in a really big phase of unpredictable lockdowns and everything felt so uncertain so we had to think of a different way to shoot the campaign. We had a close friend in Mexico City who used to work with us who is now a producer, and as Mexico had recently opened up to the world we thought why not shoot there! It was all done virtually – with a few 2 am and 5 am phone calls to the team over there, but we found two amazing locations – one; a sculptors house in Mexico City, and another; an architecturally designed home by Ludwig Godefroy in Puerto Escondido called Casa Zicatela & we made magic happen. We were so happy with the outcome and the way that the story was told.












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