In Focus 22 Sep, 2023

Force of Nature by Jason Grant

As we add to our book collection, sit back and take in the pages of Jason Grant’s latest book, Force of Nature, as art, design, and a rebellious spirit converge to celebrate the raw essence of the natural world. Far from your average coffee table book, these pages tap into the primal force that courses through us all. A guide from the talented Australian Stylist and Author based in Byron Bay, Force of Nature invites you to immerse yourself in nature and ignite the creative spark from within.








































How would you describe your latest book?

My latest book is me on every page, it’s pure creative expression. I like to make books that are like time capsules and moments in time. There are pages that some will view and see differently to others IYKYK. I love this aspect and I think it makes the book special. The book is my perspective and encompasses nature and creativity, the two things that fuel me. I live a creative life and whenever I need to reset, I spend time in nature – that always inspires me.

In your book, colour seems to play a significant role. Could you share your perspective on the significance of colour both to you personally and your work?

I love colour, it’s a big part of who I am as a stylist and designer, I am always inspired by nature and nostalgia and my colour palette is quite specific: soft earthy tones, retro pastels. I like it when everything is desaturated, nothing too primary. It’s like all the colours I use and create a sun drenched and faded and always from nature. I love creating with colour in my collections and projects, it’s a way of establishing mood and feeling, it’s a very important part of my creative process, especially because I love creating feel-good spaces – colour is a huge part of this. I also have had a signature paint collection with Murobond paints that I have had for over 10 years, it’s a dream come true to create colours.

Your book beautifully captures the essence of nature and its changing seasons. Could you elaborate on how the four seasons inspire you?

I love the different times of the year and the energy that they bring.I’m definitely more of a summer and spring person but I do love aspects of autumn and winter too, I live in a place that is mostly quite mild weather-wise but I love listening to the seasons and enjoy the different times of the year. Being connected to nature and the seasons makes for easy living.

Among all the imagery in your book, what stands out to you the most, and what makes it particularly special to you?

I’m pretty proud to have shot all the photography in this book myself, this is my fourth book but in many ways feels like my first. I’m always keen to push boundaries and evolve and earn. There are some precious moments in the book that I’m pleased have been immortalised forever, existing beyond just the memory. I had a special team working alongside me in the creation of this book, designer Serrin Ainslie and editor Olivia Drake, I love working with talented people and letting them do what they’re good at, there is a lot of dust involved but that’s how the magic happens.





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