In Focus 05 Sep, 2023

10 year anniversary party!


Our recent 10 year party in our flagship store in Byron Bay. Our milestone celebration has come to an end, and our gratitude to our cherished community runs deep. Together, we celebrated PAMPA’s 10-year journey and B Corp certification – a genuine tribute to shared values and lasting connections. This event stands as a testament to a decade defined by purpose, growth, and a positive impact that resonates.

Last week we’ve presented in store our new collection of QOM’ Textiles, which are now available online, celebrating heritage, folklore and sustainability. In small and medium sizes, QOM’ styles can be hung as artwork, used as a table runner or layered over a piece of furniture for great effect.

We look forward to our next email celebrating this 10year journey, guided by the values that define us and the relationships that fuel our purpose.

The Pampa team!


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