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Introducing our new Journal Series, a collaboration with creatives who inspire us from around the world. Through this series, our intention is to forge intimate connections between our readers and the individuals behind the inspiring talent.

As we embarked on the journey of selecting our inaugural feature for International Women’s Day, Lia-Belle, the Co-founder of Worn Store, emerged as a natural choice. Lia-Belle King epitomises a remarkable fusion of creativity, strength, and authenticity, embodying the very essence of empowered womanhood.

How would you describe yourself as a creative?

I am intuitive, introverted, independent and decisive. I am my best, more creative self when alone so I can connect with the feeling or energy of a new concept and build upon it uninterrupted. I am easily distracted by conversation and noise and whilst I am a natural social and very talkative being, when it comes to my creative self I am the opposite. I go very quiet and inward during my process of creation.

Why it is important to you to have handcrafted objects around you at home and within your space?

I believe all objects hold energy, and the way in which an object is made develops the energy that object will hold. When something is made naturally, and by hand, in a positive environment – the energy exchange reflects the happiness, appreciation and value of time and artistry the person who is making that object infuses into it. Like there’s a little pieces of them on it and that is given to you when you purchase the item. It is an exchange of respect and appreciation from both the maker and the person who choses that object for their home.

What role do you believe a rug plays in shaping a space?

A rug is the grounding home equivalent of wrapping a wool blanket around your body. It creates warmth and is nurturing, it dresses your home, it is mood enhancing and a source of comfort and softness.

What inspires your work?

Books, colours, emotions, cultural stories, self evolution. Spirituality and the relationship between humans and objects. Connection. What forms connection. The exploration of materials. The needs of a home, the needs of my own. Alone time.

More on Lia-Belle King here

Photos: Victoria Aguirre

Film:Nich Zalmstra

Location: The Perch
















































































































































































































































































For our Creative Series, we dedicate 10% of our Esther rugs sales for a week to a chosen charity. Could you share your selection and the personal significance behind it?

When we lived in Bali I was trying to fall pregnant with our first child. We initially visited Bumi Sehat out of interest in their natural approach to birth support for mothers, and we met and spoke with the owner and founder Ibu Robyn. She is such a huge advocate for natural pre conception (they offer free or by donation acupuncture), pre natal and post natal support and to be able to support the work of Bumi Sehat by donation to help them be able to continue their work is important to me. Bumi Sehat supports women to birth in a safe and supported environment, they provide free birth care to local Indonesian families and expats, they provide lactation support and also help single mothers embarking on their journey to motherhood alone. It’s hugely important the work they are doing and advocating, and I feel so happy that Pampa is also helping to support them by offering to donate 10% of every sale of the Esther rug to Bumi Sehat. Know more here


The Esther Rug in sand
















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Photos:Victoria Aguirre

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